Joeys FAQ’s

What’s Mini League?

Mini League is a modified version of Rugby League for Under 6s through to Under 8s.  The game is played on a smaller field (40m x 20m for 6s and 7s; 68m x 30m for 8s) and there are rules to ensure kids develop basic skills like passing the ball.  Maximum of 6 players in 6s and 7s and 8 players in 8s on the field at any one time.  The games go for 4 x 8 minute quarters.

There are no scrums, strict rules around tackling and referees apply the knock on rule sensibly.  The coaches stay on the field in Under 6s and for the first 6 weeks of Under 7s to help organise play and ensure everyone gets a run with the ball.  Find more on the Rules of Mini League

What’s Mod League?

Mod League is for Under 9s through Under 12s. It’s played on a slightly larger field than Mini League and emphasis is still on skills development, exercise and teamwork. Find more on the Rules of Mod League

Isn’t the game rough?

Mini League and even Mod League are not rough.  The 6s and 7s are learning the basics of catching, passing and running.  Teams are graded early in the season.  Judge for yourself – come along and watch a game at Kareela Oval early on a Saturday morning.  The emphasis is on having fun, exercise and skills development.  Kids of all sizes and ability play.

Is crowd behavior an issue?

Games in Cronulla Sutherland District are family-friendly where over-zealous barracking, foul language, approaching a referee or any bad behaviour generally is not allowed and not tolerated at anytime, anywhere .

Can my child play soccer (or another sport) as well?

Joeys tries to accommodate kids who play another sport, or trying a few different options. Have a chat to the coach and trainer of the team to work out a schedule. BTW, soccer players’ footwork often transfer well into Mini or Mod League.

When can I register?

Registration opens 1 December 2020.  All registration is done online through the links provided on this website; or got to with your NSW Active Kids Voucher.

All registration is done online through the links provided on this website.  If you are renewing, you must use the same address you registered with the previous year.  If this has changed, or any issues, please feel free to contact our Club Registrar by email or mobile 0410 584 283

What do I bring?

Your child and your child’s birth certificate.

Are girls allowed to play?

Yes, girls can play modified rugby league with the boys up to Under 12s. We generally have a handful of girls playing.  In addition, we also have the Girls League Tag Competition that is usually run on a Sunday.  Please feel free to contact our Club Registrar via email or mobile 0410 584 283

When does the season start?

The season starts approx April 2021, exact date to be advised.  There will be a few trial games organised in the weekends prior.  Check the Joeys page on Facebook for latest updates.

When does the season finish?

The last round of the regular season is mid August, followed by two weekends of semi finals and grand finals.  There are no semi finals for U6s – U8s.

What’s the football club’s association with St Joseph’s Primary School?

Joeys originated in 1964 as a sporting offshoot of St Joseph’s Primary School Oyster Bay/Como. These days the Club is run independently and now features teams in both Senior and Junior competitions. The Club is overseen by our dedicated committee and assisted by its many volunteers

How much does it cost to register and play?

Registration fees for both League and League Tag are as follows (unless indicated):

o   U4’s – U7’s: Free registration

o   U8’s – U9’s: $170

o   U10’s – U12’s: $200

o   U13’s – U17’s: $230

o   Opens: Free registration

o   Over 35’s League Tag: $160

Family Discount: $60 off for families with more than one child registering

Purchase of Gear: Shorts $20, Socks $10

If you use NSW Active Kids Voucher of $100, the net amount for each category is even less.  There are very few other costs, except the occasional sausage sandwich from the canteen!  Jerseys are provided and returned at the end of the year.

Where does Rego money go?

Registration covers player insurance and goes towards the running costs of the Club.
More questions? Contact Anthony Howard, our Club Registrar by email or mobile 0410 584 283

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