Feros Rewards Membership

Membership Benefits, Rules & Regulations

  1. Members will have access to all exclusive offers
  2. By becoming a member, members consent to receive promotional information will receive such information via email or SMS text, or both
  3. Member promotional information will be published within Feros Group properties
  4. Feros Rewards points will be generated as follows:
  • Bar purchases: $1.00 generates 1 point
  • Feros Reward points will be generated to the second decimal point. For example, a Bar purchase of $32.15 will generate 32.15 points.
  • The redemption rate is 25 points = $1
  • Points may be redeemed at any time as long as points surrendered cover the full transaction (not just a single item within the transaction)
  • Members can accumulate points for any eligible purchase
  • Members must swipe their membership card during the purchase transaction to generate points
  • A tally of the member’s points will be displayed every time a member’s card is swiped
  • All Feros Rewards points benefits must be used by 30 June each year
  • Feros Rewards membership is open to all people aged 18- years or above
  • Proof of age will be required prior to acceptance of membership
  • Feros Rewards will negotiate will clubs, associations and commercial organisations to offer additional benefits to those bodies when members and/or employees of such bodies agree to participate in organised programs
  • In the event of a power failure or system malfunction resulting in the non-allocation of Feros Rewards points, such points will not be subsequently allocated.

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