About Joeys


Joeys originated in 1964 as a sporting offshoot of St Joseph’s Primary School Oyster Bay/Como.

These days the Club is run independently and now features teams in both Senior and Junior competitions.

The Club is overseen by our dedicated committee and assisted by its many volunteers.

Our committee comprises experienced, committed individuals dedicated to the Club, its players and supporters past and future.

Our great coaches are qualified and accredited and are supported by excellent training facilities and equipment.

The goal of all is to provide children with a fun learning experience. Some players may be more dedicated and serious but all children regardless of ability are catered for to enjoy the wonderful pleasure of this fantastic code.

If your child is interested in playing Rugby League, do yourself and your child a great favour and take advantage of what the family club offers.

An opportunity for your child as a participant for years of fun or for those more serious about their Rugby League to learn skills that can take them to the very top.